The CWU ASLEF and other unions are staging strikes over lower-than-inflation pay rises in the UK. Pat Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, is one of many union leaders and activists to call for greater coordination of strikes by unions combined with street protests.

He said:
“The pay rises offered by the government and bosses are below the current rate of inflation, which is putting a real squeeze on the living standards of workers.This is not good enough, and the unions must coordinate their strikes in order to put maximum pressure on the government and bosses to offer a better pay rise. The government and bosses must learn that they cannot get away with offering workers such a poor deal and that they will face significant and escalating industrial action if they do not improve pay offers.Union leaders must work together to coordinate their strikes and show the government that they are united and will not back down until they get a fair pay rise. This is the only way to ensure that workers in the UK are treated fairly and that their living standards are protected.Unions should work together to organise joint protests and demonstrations and invite other groups and the wider public to join us. Unions must take the lead directly as the Labour Party is not effectively opposing the economic and social attack on workers. This would send a clear message to the government and bosses that the unions are united and are not going to take any more abuse.”

 Image by Flore W Pixabay

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