Solidarity is…

  • A union which provides experienced Representatives for Disciplinary and Grievance meetings
  • A union which offers help to non-members for an agreed fee
  • A union that will help negotiate the best redundancy settlement for you
  • A union that will take cases to Employment Tribunals if possible
  • A union that can provide individual guidance and support

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Inflation up = real wages down

Inflation is rising and that’s bad news for workers. Inflation rose at its fastest recorded rate for at least a quarter of a century last month.  Inflation is the rate at which the cost of goods and services rises year on year. In order to be able to buy the same amount of goods, your salary

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Jobs at risk as furlough ends

The furlough will end at the end of this month. One in 16 companies now say that they are in danger of closure in the next three months.The lives of around a million people are set to be thrown into chaos when the Tories close the furlough scheme at the end of the month.6 percent

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During the pandemic, it became increasingly obvious that a country needs to be able to provide its population with essential supplies using its own domestic capacities. Our country must not be dependent on other countries for key needs. All states or federations of states should be able to provide or produce in their own countries

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