Solidarity is…

  • A union which provides experienced Representatives for Disciplinary and Grievance meetings
  • A union which offers help to non-members for an agreed fee
  • A union that will help negotiate the best redundancy settlement for you
  • A union that will take cases to Employment Tribunals if possible
  • A union that can provide individual guidance and support

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Let’s really take back control

The P&O scandal follows the pattern of the sell-out of British workers. It’s sadly nothing new. The EU was subservient to transnational capital and, so far, the story of post-Brexit Britain isn’t looking that good either. One of the landmark decisions of the European Court of Justice was the Viking case. Viking is a Finnish ferry company.

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May Day is our day!

Today (Sunday) is International Workers’ Day, an annual celebration of working people. May Day is unique. It’s the day in the year when we celebrate the bonds that bring us together as workers and trade unionists. It’s also a time to think about the difference unions (and union membership) make. Unionised workers are paid on

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Even the bosses’ preferred measure of inflation, the CPI, hit 7 percent recently showing the scale of the cost of living crisis. Prices are rising at an average of 9 percent a year according to the most accurate measure of inflation, the RPI index. Most types of food saw annual increases above 5 percent, including

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