Solidarity is…

  • A union which provides experienced Representatives for Disciplinary and Grievance meetings
  • A union which offers help to non-members for an agreed fee
  • A union that will help negotiate the best redundancy settlement for you
  • A union that will take cases to Employment Tribunals if possible
  • A union that can provide individual guidance and support

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Do we need a general strike?

The threat of a ‘general strike’ over pay and working conditions is growing more likely, as unions representing teaching and outsourced cleaning and security staff prepare to ballot members amid the rising cost of living. The warning comes as rail companies had the biggest walkout in 30 years last week. The rail network ground to

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The Strikers are fighting for us all says Pat Harrington

In the UK, workers are striking for a number of reasons. They’re fighting for better pay and working conditions, They are seeking higher wages in order to keep up with the rising cost of living. The average UK worker has seen their real wages fall by 10% since 2008, while the cost of living has

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In a decision that has been widely reported in the press, a tribunal upheld Maya Forstater’s claims of direct discrimination because of her gender-critical beliefs. After the EAT held last year that the gender critical beliefs held by the claimant (in particular a belief that biological sex is real and immutable and not to be

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