Solidarity is…

  • A union which provides experienced Representatives for Disciplinary and Grievance meetings
  • A union which offers help to non-members for an agreed fee
  • A union that will help negotiate the best redundancy settlement for you
  • A union that will take cases to Employment Tribunals if possible
  • A union that can provide individual guidance and support

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Government nationalises steel company

More than 600 steel-making jobs at Sheffield Forgemasters have been secured following the decision to nationalise the company. The takeover by the Ministry of Defence also secures the supply chain for high-quality steel for the next generation of Britain’s defence investment programmes. The government stated that Forgemasters is the only available British manufacturer with the

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new bill to outlaw fire and rehire

Fire and rehire is when bad bosses threaten workers with the sack and are told they will only be re-employed to do the same basic job if they accept less money and poorer conditions. Even the government agrees that fire and rehire tactics are wrong but have refused to outlaw them. Jacob Rees-Mogg has described

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When you give a tip in a restaurant it may not all be going to the worker as you intend. Instead, the company may be taking a hefty chunk of it. Pizza Express, for example, recently decided to increase from 30 percent to 50 percent the amount that is deducted from the tips received by

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