May Day is our day!

Today (Sunday) is International Workers’ Day, an annual celebration of working people. May Day is unique. It’s the day in the year when we celebrate the bonds that bring us together as workers and trade unionists.

On May Day we should think about the benefits of Trade Union membership and share that with others.

It’s also a time to think about the difference unions (and union membership) make.

Unionised workers are paid on average five per cent more than other similar workers. This is equivalent to £1,285 a year based on the average wage.

Workers in Britain face an intensifying cost-of-living crisis. Energy bills are now rising 14 times faster than wages. One in three parents with pre-schoolers spend over a third of their pay on childcare. And last week, the ONS found that a quarter of people are already struggling to make ends meet – and worse is on the horizon.

Tough times lie ahead for British workers. As pressure builds for the UK economy workers will be hit with bogus disciplinaries, redundancises and attempts to alter their contracts and working conditions. The bosses will do their utmost to make workers the ones who pay for any recession.

That’s why workers need to band together in unions. Today is a good day to reach out and tell your friends and workmates that they need union protection. We would welcome them in Solidarity. Just email them this link to join:

But even if they don’t want to join our union tell them they need to join a union. You will be doing them a big favour.

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