We demand a 4 day week!


The Covid pandemic has changed a lot about the world of work not least of which is the widespread adoption of the 4 day or 32 hour working week with no reduction in pay.

Following successful trials of reduced working weeks in Iceland countries including Scotland, Spain and Ireland are planning to start their own trials.

Other countries considering a four-day week include Germany, Belgium, Portugal, and the USA, as reported on the Union News website.

In the UK the 4 Day Week Campaign has been leading the way in calling for a shorter working week and it is keen to work with trade unions and add their members’ voices to the call for a four-day week.

Solidarity is fully behind the reduction in the working week without loss of pay. It would be a step forward for workers to have more time to spend at rest, leisure, with friends and family or undertaking sport or hobbies.

A better work-life balance for workers also benefits employers as rested employees usually are more motivated and productive and have less time absent through illness.

By David Andrews

2 thoughts on “We demand a 4 day week!”

  1. That would be fine if the wages allowed for it. Most people working a 60 hour, 5 or 6 day week still can’t afford more than the basics and some are still struggling to pay the bills.

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