Wetherspoons – switch to UK Butter!

J D Wetherspoon sells millions of breakfasts. All those with toast are sold with Lurpak butter. Lurpak is a brand of butter owned by Arla Foods based in Viby, Denmark. We want Wetherspoons to switch to a UK-made butter. Why?

It’s better for British jobs

Wetherspoon has earned a special place in British hearts by providing good quality food and drink at a reasonable price. It has built up a loyal following and many people visit ‘Spoons’ regularly for meals and drinks. For many, it has become their ‘local’. We want Wetherspoon to give back to our communities by supporting UK jobs whenever it can. Switching to a UK-made butter is something they can do which would support our farmers and support the home economy.

It’s better for the environment

Shortening supply chains and buying as locally as possible is better for our environment. Sourcing products for sale in the UK that are manufactured here makes sense ecologically. As a socially responsible company, we want Wetherspoon to show their commitment to that by switching to UK-made butter.

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