Buy UK-made gifts this Christmas

We’ve teamed up with the campaign Great UK Products You Can Buy and Third Way Think-tank to produce some suggestions for UK-made Xmas gifts.

Buying UK-made goods keeps our people in work, boosts our economy, and is more ecological (because supply chains are shorter).

It’s a small way we can all make a positive difference.

We bet you have heard people say “Britain doesn’t make anything anymore“. That’s clearly not true, but you can see why they might think that. Big names in manufacturing have either disappeared or been taken over by companies in other countries. We need to help reverse that trend. So each bulletin till a week before Xmas we will be giving you five websites to look at. Here are the first five:

1. Men and Women’s clothing

“We design and produce our entire collection of luxury women’s and men’s clothing and accessories right here in Great Britain, using only the finest materials and most skilled artisans available on this fair isle.

The Teddy Edward name has fast become synonymous with British-made excellence, so make a statement with high-end designs that seamlessly take you from country chic to city glam and right back again.”

2. Retro football and rugby shirts

We sell a massive range of more than 1,000 retro replica football and rugby shirts, inspired by the most famous classic kits worn by the greatest teams throughout the ages. We sell vintage football shirts inspired by hundreds of football and rugby teams from all over the world, as well as T-shirts, track tops, polos, athleticwear, sweatshirts, hoodies, and many other styles of sportswear and memorabilia.

The TOFFS brand is a guarantee of quality. All our replica football and rugby shirts have been manufactured by hand at our factory at Gateshead since 1990, and we are dedicated to providing a premium level of detail, comfort, and authenticity in our vintage shirts and sports fashion. When you buy with TOFFS, you will be getting a product made by fans, for fans.

3. Bags and satchels

A beautiful blend of old and new, that’s Cambridge, and it’s in our DNA. In all our bags you’ll find a taste of tradition, brought back to life with style, finesse, and fun! Behind every design lies a story waiting to be told. Behind every bag, a story waiting to be written.

4. Scented candles

“We’ve been as busy as Santa’s Elves working on our new winter scents and we just know you’re going to love them as much as us.
Whether you’re being dead organised and starting your Christmas shopping early (go you, I’m jealous!) or whether you’re treating yourself (go you, too!) – you’re not going to be disappointed!
Let me introduce the winter gang…


 Après Ski (the divine scent of frosted pine)




 Winter Spice
Can’t pick just one? We’ve got you covered…check out our Winter Gift Set, which includes all three and comes gift wrapped, ready for you to pop under the tree.

5. Chocolates

Chocolate Tree is a Scottish artisan firm that takes ecology seriously. 

Pat Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, said:

A friend gave me their dark chocolate Peppermint bar as a gift. It was delicious and though my daughter doesn’t generally go for dark chocolate she liked this (probably as the Peppermint took the edge off the usual bitterness). They deliver free for orders from most of the UK over a certain amount.” 

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