The new independent Union Solidarity has appointed the Public Relations Company Accentuate to be its official PR consultant. This nationalist Trades Union has begun to grow over the last few months as the impact of Migrant labour, coupled with the ongoing practice of off-shoring, has begun to bite.
The much heralded increase of jobs in the British market has turned sour with the revelation that of the 2.1 million jobs created in Britain since Labours accession in 1997(largely via private industry), 1.1 million (some 52%) were taken by migrant workers! Given the above figures the Prime Minister’s slogan ‘British Jobs for British Workers’ seems to Solidarity to be somewhat shallow (even ignoring the known extra 400,000 that have taken pre-1997 jobs).
Appointment of Accentuate shows how just how serious Solidarity intentions are as regards building the Union.
END 30/07/2007 Contact: Patrick Harrington (Solidarity General Secretary) 07794 486858 or [email protected]
Press Release (sol06) distributed by Accentuate- PR Company Contact: [email protected]