14/02/2010 - Kraft begin to 'asset strip' Cadbury

In a recent Press Release independent Trade Union Solidarity predicted that the US company Kraft's takeover of the iconic British firm Cadbury's would inevitably lead to 'rationalisations' i.e. closures. 

Kraft had indicated that they would attempt to keep existing factories open. For example, prior to taking over Cadbury, Kraft had stated it would keep the factory in Keynsham (employing 400 workers) open.

In a clear, yet to us predictable, about-turn Kraft have announced that the plant would be closed down and the production moved to Poland.
Solidarity General Secretary Patrick Harrington said "Multinational companies have a record of switching production to cheaper-wage economies . Their loyalty is to their corporate and multinational investors - nothing more nothing less. For the Government and some Unions to express surprise indicates either naivety or collusion."
He added "The only way to prevent such activities is, in the short term, to prevent multinational companies exporting the capital released by shedding their 'national' assets and, in the long term, to encourage greater worker participation in running and ultimately owning workplaces through co-operatives and employee share ownership."  
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