10/05/2010 - Solidarity man is elected Cllr.

DAVID DURANT was one of the founding members of Solidarity Trade Union and is a member of its ruling body, the National Executive.  He is also the National Secretary of the National Liberal Party.



Now he has added another string to his bow – he’s just been elected to Havering Borough Council!


Dave was one of a number of candidates from the Rainham & Wennington Independent Residents Group to get elected on 6th May.  (Prior to the elections, the Independent Local Residents, the National Liberal Party and non-aligned Independents came together to re-form an electoral coalition, known as the Peoples Alliance).


Dave is a life-long nationalist and trade unionist.  He is also a hard working and well-respected community activist in his local area.  He fought his campaign on local issues such as reducing Council Tax, promoting all of Havering’s shopping centres and opposing housing over-development.


Trade unionists will recognise that all of these policies favour ordinary working folk as opposed to the super-rich.  Dave is also opposed to any cuts in jobs and services. 


One of the first to congratulate Dave was his fellow National Executive member – and President of STU – Adam Walker:


“Most trade unions act as cheer leaders and groupies for the Labour Party. We don’t. We realize that there is a fine line between basic trade union work and politics. But we don’t cross that line. Our priority is defending the rights of our members and workers generally.

STU is a free, autonomous and radical Nationalist trade union.  We do not dictate to our members and supporters who they should vote for. Neither do we tell them what political party they can or can’t join. For instance, I’m in a different political party to Dave.  As our General Secretary Pat Harrington said, people must exercise their own judgement on politics.


I’d like to congratulate Dave on a personal level,however, on his magnificent vote in the local election.  I know he will do his utmost to support the ordinary working man and woman in his ward”.




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