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Our Activities

As we become a larger union we shall display pictures and list our nationwide demonstrations and achievements. The kind of activities that Solidarity are involved in include the following:

  • Picket Protesting
    Campaigns against companies that off-shore a large percentage of call centre jobs abroad as well as organisations that that employ large numbers iof cheap foreign workers.

  • Pressure Local Councils
    Local councils can, and should, install a quota on employing (where possible) local people as well as helping companies that do this on a long term basis. LOCAL Work for LOCAL People...

  • Lobby MP's
    Towards installing a legal policy of companies having to advertise if they use foreign call centres. British citizens must be informed that their credit/debit details are at risk from having their personal details kept abroad

  • Pensions Crisis
    Through the use of Posters / Leaflets and Flyers we shall highlight the risks that workers face due to the reduction of a decent pension scheme, particularly postal workers

  • Helping Members Secure Work
    We shall aggressively demonstrate around the country against companies that don't employ native workers, or who replace them with cheap imported labour

Only with your support can Solidarity fight for your safety, your rights and the long-term job security of our Communications Industry.