16/07/2007 - Trade Union welcomes new faces!




The new British Workers Union SOLIDARITY appointed some new faces to its organisation as it begins to build up its infrastructure to service a growing membership.

At an Emergency General Meeting in Brentwood, Essex on July 14th, 2007 the General Secretary Patrick Harrington welcomed onto the National Executive a further four new members.  

They are: - 

Adam Walker  Recently a teacher in the North East but the victim of political persecution, which saw him, resign in disgust. He is determined to build the Union into a strong fighter for workers rights.  

David Kerr A long-standing Trade Union member in Belfast. Was a founding member of Solidarity, as he believed it was time to start protecting British workers jobs.  

Simone Clark  Dubbed by the press as the 'BNP Ballerina' she knows what it's like to be victimised at on political grounds. She will work hard to defend civil liberties for all. 

Lindsay Nieuwhof  The second woman on the seven place Executive she hopes to bring to the Union's attention the problems of sweatshop labour used by large brands which adversely affects women and children in other lands and is used to undercut workers here.  

General Secretary Patrick Harrington said "I am delighted to welcome onto the Executive four fine candidates who I know will bring great qualities and experience into the Union. I am particularly pleased to see more women achieve high office, as this is fairly unusual in Union circles. As our membership is growing we need good men and women at the helm to ensure our members interests are protected and that the wider problem of the British Labour market under threat is brought moved up the political agenda".



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