16/07/2016 - David Cameron looks after the workers

David Cameron officialDavid Cameron looks after the workers - well, some of them at least. He handed his political advisors golden goodbyes in one of his last decisions as Prime Minister.

Cameron’s spin doctors and aides were already to contractual severance pay worth a total of £747,045 — equivalent to 4.5 months’ pay each — after their boss decided to resign.

But before leaving No 10 he demanded his political cronies, who were earning up to £140,000 a year, get another six months’ wages as an end-of-run bonus.

They will pocket an extra £282,892 — raising the bill for taxpayers to £1,029,938.

Civil servants, have faced pay cuts and job losses since the Tories took power in 2010. Their Unions were, understandably, angry.

A PCS union spokesman said: “We’re appalled that Cameron would seek to reward his political staff in this way, as civil servants have been told they must face further cuts to their redundancy terms.

“It’s that kind of cronyism that gives politics a whiff of corruption and erodes public trust.”

Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham said it displayed “breathtaking arrogance, hypocrisy and disdain for civil servants.”

He added: “Cameron clearly feels guilty that his staff are losing their jobs because of his failures. Perhaps he could explain why he didn’t make a special case for thousands of civil servants who have lost their jobs since 2010 and left on reduced terms?”

Cameron took the decision despite the advice of Civil Service chief executive John Manzoni, who opposed the non-contractual payoff. He said:

“My strong advice is that we continue to abide by the provisions in their contracts of employment”.

“The contract itself is designed to provide some degree of security for individuals who take on these roles in the knowledge their appointments may come to an end at short notice.”

Mr Manzoni said he would only proceed with the pay off if he received a “written direction” from the Prime Minister.

On Wednesday, Cameron used his final day in office to order the payments through his principal private secretary Simon Case.