30/01/2016 - Tories to spend public money on promotion of living wage con

livingwagemoralvalueThe Tories plan to spend nearly £5 million of taxpayers’ cash on an advertising campaign to promote their so-called national living wage.

The government insists it’s necessary to inform workers of the scheme, but Labour has accused ministers of “false advertising” that risks damaging the real living wage campaign.

Chancellor George Osborne announced the new compulsory “national living wage” as the centrepiece of his summer budget. It is to be implemented on April 1.

But at £7.20, the so-called national living wage is a full £1 below the real rate needed to live calculated by the Living Wage Foundation. It is really just a higher minimum wage.

The policy was dubbed a “beautifully crafted con-trick” by GMB general secretary Paul Kenny.

And Living Wage Foundation director Rhys Moore concluded: “This is effectively a higher national minimum wage and not a living wage.”

Pat Harrington, general secretary of Solidarity commented:

"The £4,950,000 budget allocated for this advertising campaign could be better spent. It is party political propaganda, promoted at public expense, dressed-up as a public information campaign. Use of the term 'living wage' for an amount which is clearly not a living wage is a cynical ploy."