18/01/2015 - BP axe North Sea jobs

bpOil giant BP axed 300 North Sea jobs this week. It shows that for big, transnational corporations workers are simply numbers on a balance sheet. Big business doesn't care about the 'small man' (or woman!).

BP is a highly profitable organisation. BP made record profits of £9 billion in 2013-14. BP and the others have all taken steps to prepare for price of oil falling. 

So the 50 per cent dip in prices over the past six months didn't catch them by surprise.

In fact they justified high prices at the pump and their big profits by saying that they were “doing everything we can to reduce our costs to ensure we remain profitable when oil prices fall” when they published their last figures.

BP is not alone in dumping its workforce to cut costs. Shell trimmed 250 jobs last August, with Chevron ditching 225 the previous month. Other companies have imposed salary freezes for staff and pay cuts for contractors. 

Pat Harrington, general secretary of Solidarity, commented: "I've seen the SNP proposals to give further tax breaks to BP but this should only be done in return for a public stake in the company. We should be aiming to increase public ownership in key industries as well as simply safeguarding jobs."