10/03/2012 - Issue 1 of Scottish Worker out soon


TWO months ago, we announced that it was “looking increasingly likely that Scottish Worker will be our first national publication and Health CareWorker will be our first trade-based publication.” (1)


Since that article appeared, we’ve published issue 1 of our first regional publication, Devon Worker (2), and issue 6 of our national publication, British Worker (3). We’re now delighted to announce that issue 1 of Scottish Worker will be out very soon!

Scottish Worker will look at how Scotland used to be a major manufacturing nation. It notes that:

“Once Scotland was famous the world over for its engineering and shipbuilding industries. ‘Clydebuilt’ was a by-word for reliability and quality around the globe with thousands of men employed in the Clyde yards.”

This all changed after Word War II. Successive British government swung between nationalisation and privatisation (as well as chronic short-sightedness in their investment policies). At the same time “countries such as Germany, Japan and Korea had governments that positively nurtured their industries.”

Scottish Worker argues that EU competition regulations should be dumped and that local and “national government should be allowed to choose local suppliers when awarding contracts even when a foreign bidder comes in at a slightly lower figure.”

It also asks the question: “If billions can be found by the government to bail-out the banks then why can public money not be used to support productive industries?”


Members and supporters of Solidarity Trade Union should check this site regularly in the weeks and months ahead as we’ve many more publications planned! These include Health Service Worker, Agency Worker, English Worker, Ulster Worker and Welsh Worker. British Worker is appearing virtually on a bi-monthly basis now, so issue 7 is scheduled for sometime in April.


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