09/05/2011- Support ‘The Hardest Hit’ March and Lobby of Parliament!

EARLIER this year we noted that the “Con-Dem coalition government seems to take a sadistic pleasure in picking on the vulnerable and needy.” 

This was in response to the Welfare Reform Bill, which included proposals to stop paying mobility component to people in residential care.

At the time, Solidarity General Secretary Pat Harrington condemned this element of the proposed Welfare Reform Bill- scheduled to start in October 2012. 

And he warned that: “around 80,000 people will have vital funds cut – funds that help them meet extra transport costs.  The results could be devastating as many will be trapped in their homes without any independent means of travel.”

He also called upon Solidarity members and supporters to help organise opposition to this element of the Welfare Reform Bill.  They can do this by supporting the Keep the UK Disability Living Allowance! campaign that’s being run via Facebook Causes.

Over 71,000 people have now signed up to this campaign – up from 30,000 in February - which gives an indication of the strength of feeling out there.

The Facebook campaign can be found here

Mr. Harrington also urged as many trade unionists as possible to support The Hardest Hit march and Lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 11 May.  Thousands of disabled people are expected to march through Westminster and past Parliament to make sure that their voice is heard.

The details of the march and rally are as follows:

Form up from 11.30am on the Embankment by Horseguards Avenue, Central London.  The march starts at 12.30pm and the route includes Victoria Embankment, Bridge Street, Parliament Square and Millbank.  It will finish in Dean Stanley Street at around 1.30pm.