10/04/2011 - Exercise your vote wisely

WE RECENTLY suggested that those opposed to the Con-Dem programme of cuts need to build on the success of the recent half a million strong march and rally in London.

Solidarity has proposed a series of massive high-profile demonstrations throughout the length and breadth of Britain.  We also feel that there is the need to build a truly genuine broad front campaign to fight these cuts.  This needs to include the trade union movement, all political parties, community groups, the churches, self-employed, responsible small businesses and any other interested group.

We’ve also suggested coordinated strike action and punishing those politicians – who are in favour of cuts - at the ballot box.

It’s our feeling that any Party which ignores the wishes of the vast majority of ordinary working folk deserves to get an absolute hiding in May.  With elections being held in England, Scotland, Ulster and Wales this is the perfect opportunity for electors to have their say.

However, unlike other unions, Solidarity will not be telling its members and supporters how to vote.  This is because we are a free, independent and autonomous nationalist trade union.  We are certainly not groupies or cheer leaders for any one party.

Our view is that voters who are really concerned about social and economic issues should study all election literature in-depth. If possible you should also read the manifestos of Parties for different tiers of government. Seek to politely cross-question any canvassers about their attitude to the cuts. 

We feel that Parties which would take action to rebuild our manufacturing industry, support public services for those in genuine need and  offer training to our young in trades should be at the forefront of your mind when deciding  how to vote.

For those seeking election to full-time paying political positions, consideration should also be given to anyone promising to take only the wage of a skilled worker and expenses essential to do the job. Alternatively, those who promise to give a tithe of their income to charities should be favourably considered in our view.

Then exercise your vote very wisely.