18/03/2011 - Public jobs slashed

Public sector workers are being fired at a greater rate than originally predicted. More than 130,000 jobs have gone in the last year. The Office for National Statistics figures claims 111,000 "general" jobs went last year, 1.9% of the total employed. But George Osborne, the Chancellor, had wrongly claimed the hit rate would be closer to 0.1%.
"The loss of public sector jobs has been devastating"
said Pat Harrington of the Solidarity Trade Union. "A total of 132,000 public sector jobs have gone with 45,000 disappearing just in the last three months of 2010. More than 30,000 jobs went from schools and colleges alone", he said.
And the Union predicted it would get worse. They pointed out that around 170,000 local government workers are thought to have received "at risk" notices.
Pat Harrington said: "General country-wide unemployment has risen to 2.53m. That's the highest amount of unemployed for more than a decade. This ConDem government is not just destroying jobs but also the quality of life for families up and down the country."