06/03/2011 - St. David’s Day, St. Piran’s Day and May Day

FIRSTLY, Solidarity Trade Union wishes to extend a belated happy St. David’s Day to its members and supporters in Wales for 1st March. 


Secondly, we’d also like to wish all of our members and supporters in Cornwall a belated Happy St. Piran’s Day (Friday 5th March).


We also send greetings to all Welsh and Cornish workers – no matter where they are in the world.  We seek to remind them that Solidarity is a free, independent and autonomous patriotic trade union.  We are the only nationalist union fighting for economic protection and social justice for all of the peoples and nations of the British Isles.


Thirdly - and whilst we’re on the subject of national days – we’d like to draw attention to a proposal by the Con-Dem coalition to do away with the May Day bank holiday.


According to media reports, the proposal has been mooted by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) amid claims that it will bring an additional four million visitors to Britain and create 50,000 extra jobs over the next four years.  The  Cameron and Clegg-led government plans to ‘consult’ people on whether they want to move the bank holiday day to mark St George’s Day in April or Trafalgar Day in October in a bid to ‘extend’ the tourism season.


However, Solidarity is not convinced by this argument.  We feel that Tory ideology is behind this proposal – in much the same was as their ideology is the driving force behind many of the public sector cuts.


Many trade unionists also believe that they have wanted to get rid of May Day for years.  The Tories feel that 1st May is too synonymous with a Workers Day holiday.  Thus this proposal represents a not-to-subtle kick in the teeth for ordinary workers.


Those who wish to register their disapproval at this proposal, should check out We do not want to lose the May Day Bank holiday.  It’s a Facebook Cause that seeks to “persuade the government that the May Day bank holiday is now used by many communities for various community based events.”


Whilst it’s not specifically about defending May Day as a Workers Day holiday, Solidarity feels that it’s worth supporting.  You can find it here.