19/02/2011 - 26th March: All roads lead to London!

TWO WEEKENDS ago we reported that the TUC was holding a massive demonstration to oppose the Con-Dem cuts.  Called March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice, it will be held in London on Saturday 26 March.

Thousands are set to attend the march and demonstration, the details of which are given below.  It should give ordinary working folks the opportunity to show Cameron and Clegg’s how angry they are at their plans to cut public services to the bone.

However, Solidarity feels that one demonstration will not be enough.

There also needs to be a series of massive high-profile demonstrations throughout the length and breadth of Britain.  These demos should be organized by the trade union movement but be open to all. 

These demonstrations will enable British workers to keep the pressure up on Cameron and Clegg. 
We also need to build a truly genuine broad front campaign to fight the cuts. 

Regular readers of this web-site will know that we’ve continually argued for such a move.  Indeed, we’ve been stating the case for united action since 2009 – a year before the Con-Dem coalition raised its ugly head!  (Our original call was made in response to the decision by Diageo to close its blending and bottling plant in Kilmarnock and its Port Dundas Grain Distillery in Glasgow.)

We feel that such a broad front campaign should include the trade union movement, all political parties, community groups, the churches, self-employed, responsible small businesses and any other interested group.

With massive demonstrations and a genuine broad front campaign, we can then think about the next stage of the campaign.  This may involve local councils refusing to implement any cuts. 

If councils do this, they should be backed 100% by those involved in the broad front campaign.  Support should involve non-violent direct action, protests and possible strikes.

If Cameron and Clegg (who are fast resembling a double-headed monster!) still don’t get the message we should think about coordinated strike action.  This should begin with a one-day public sector general strike.
However, these are proposals for the future.  In the meantime, Solidarity Trade Union would encourage all members and supporters to attend the march and rally in London on Saturday 26 March.

March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice
Assemble: 11am, Victoria Embankment (between Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridges)
March off: Noon.
Rally: 1.30pm, Hyde Park.