10/05/2010 - Moving up a gear

WITH the General Election in full swing, this years May Day celebrations largely passed without notice.  However, it was marked as usual by tens of thousands of trade unionists.  Magnificent demonstrations were held right across the British Isles.


Solidarity Trade Union members and supporters were also active with recruitment leaflets and posters being distributed.  Others promoted the union via different forums, discussion groups, Facebook, twitter and so on.


Some have also been discussing how Solidarity can move up a gear - especially in respect of our policy of workers building their own “political and economic counter-power."


Two comrades have come up with specific ideas.  Both relate to building the “infrastructure of a mass media of news and entertainment.”


A Scottish comrade has suggested producing another national leaflet, You and the Bankers’ Swindle.  This hard-hitting leaflet would “list the devastating consequences of the financial meltdown for people's livelihoods.”  (It would also dove-tail nicely with our very popular Stop The Cuts leaflet.) 


Another comrade - from Ulster - has suggested producing Solidarity, an agitprop-style publication.  “I’m thinking just a very simple black and white A4 double-sided sheet for starters.”  This would be more of a ‘street’ publication.  (It would run alongside British Worker, which would carry ‘weightier’ articles about trade union ideology, strategy, history and law.)


The first few issues of Solidarity would be largely experimental.  They would be web-based and viraled out.  Later on it will be handed out on the streets and leafleted with.  It can also be distributed at the work place and so on. 


This method can also be used to produce various national, regional and trade-based agitprop publications.


The distribution of any ‘street’ publication would also tie in with another idea from our Scottish comrade.  He suggests that STU regions hold “a recruitment day in their area, perhaps setting up a stall in a large town or city and then later in the day having a social event at which members can get to know each other and discuss future plans.”


He also feels that “a good quality union lapel badge” would be a “good advert for the union for members to sport the emblem with pride.” 


If any member or supporter is interested in helping in produce the You and the Bankers’ Swindle leaflet, the first issue of Solidarity or a badge, please get in touch today. Email: [email protected]




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